Marquees make brilliant pop-up event locations and offer a great opportunity to style, and create, a space unique to you but they can be a little daunting when you are faced with this massive expanse of space that needs to be filled.

These are our top 5 tips for planning a marquee wedding.

1. Location. Where you site your marquee is key for the running of your special day to go smoothly and also has budget implications. You will need to consider things such as how flat the ground is, where the power supply and water supply will be (if there even is one!), parking, access, views, catering and the flow of your guests.

2. Layout. Although the marquee is a great blank canvas it can be daunting thinking about filling that amount of space. My advice would be to consider ‘zoning’ the marquee. So, think about an area for eating, an area for dancing, an area for the cake to be displayed, a chill out area, a bar area and a reception area for example. You can then plan the layout of each of these more manageable chunks. It is always a great idea to run your final layout past your band, catering team and bar company to make sure they have enough space to provide the service you are paying for, for example waiting staff will need a certain amount of space between tables to serve food efficiently.

3. Lighting. Lighting is such a big trend right now and with a marquee you can really go to town whether it be with large freestanding lights framing the dance floor, romantic, twinkly fairy lights or decadent chandeliers. Consider the flexibility of your lighting so you can change the mood depending on the time of day and the atmosphere you want to create. Make sure you also consider how much lighting your guests will need to be able to see what they are eating and to move around safely at night. You may find that some floodlights in the parking area make your guest’s experience hassle free at the end of the night and some solar lights along pathways to help people find their way in the dark may prove invaluable. Whatever it is you pick think about your power consumption too if you are relying on a generator.

4. Furniture.This links back to the point about ‘zoning’ your marquee. The style of furniture you pick can add to the overall feel of your marquee decor so consider it carefully, whether you want long rustic wooden tables or more classic round banqueting tables. Chairs are available in many different styles too and you may want to think about hiring some statement pieces of furniture to personalise your ‘look’.

5. Decor. When it comes to weddings flowers are the biggest decor expense you will need to consider. Flowers can tie together your whole day, echoing the style of flowers from your ceremony into your marquee will help you achieve a cohesive, more organised look to your day. Also consider colours – some flowers will not stand up against the white lining of the marquee and will just get lost. With a marquee my biggest tip is to keep your decor eye level and above – anything on the floor or not high enough will lose impact and be a waste of budget. There is loads of inspiration on pinterest which will give you ideas of what works and how things look.

Happy Planning! And if you feel you would benefit from some professional advice just get in touch, we offer bespoke planning services tailored to your requirements.